DASCO- We are a Brazilian company, founded on October 28th, 2002. Headquartered in São Paulo, it operates in the import and export business in all market segments, focusing its efforts on the main objective that is savings for international customer transactions, through logistical and operational solutions which guarantee profitable and efficient performance


Our commitment is to develop a strong partnership with importers and exporters providing services that meet their needs, always innovating to exceed their expectations, both for the courtesy and promptness of our employees and for the excellence of our services.


Our experience shows that many problems can be prevented if importers and exporters are given timely advice and guidance. Thus, DASCO's main concern is to fully understand our customers' business needs aim of continuously improving the of our services and offering strategies that anticipate the quality actions and offer solutions.


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Av. Cold Water, 467 – CJ. 71 -  Cold Water | Sao Paulo | SP

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