Government zeroes the tax rate for imports of capital goods

Due to the worsening of the economy and the effects of Lava Jato on national industry and contractors, the government of Jair Bolsonaro  temporarily zeroed the import tax rates for

281 machines and equipment.

Last Friday, August 2nd, it was published in the Official Gazette of the Union, the measure that changes to zero percent the rates of Import Tax levied on the Capital Goods mentioned, in the condition of Ex-tariff.  

Capital goods are machinery, tools, facilities and other types of equipment used to manufacture consumer products.  The government intends to make equipment of this type, which are not always produced in Brazil but which are necessary for modernization or to increase industrial production, more accessible to the sector.

In the list published by the Ordinance of the Ministry of Economy, the equipment that will receive this new rate are: boilers, engines, excavator elevators, motor pumps, centrifuges, rotors, ovens, heads, plates, hydrolysers, dryers, lamination machines, rotary, filters , labeling machines, packaging machines, scales, dosers, varnishers, enamellers, washers, hoists, impellers, cranes, forklifts, fairings, belts, strippers, polishers, grinders, kneaders, kneaders, toasters, slicers, saws, shredders, printers, cylinders, lathes , drills, presses, mills, mixers, pavers, braiders, crushers, gears, ultrasound, cables and  automatic espresso machines.

Source: Official Federal Gazette  -  Ordinance No. 148 / Brazil 247