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The first step for a company to import or export  is the link between your CNPJ and the Federal Revenue, which is done through the Radar Qualification (Registration and Tracking Environment for Customs Intervenients). this record  makes it possible for the Federal Revenue to control the entire  product  that enters and leaves the country, as well as avoid fraud by companies that carry out such operations.

without this  registration is not possible  access to  Siscomex (Integrated Foreign Trade System) , a system that allows for the initiation of customs clearance for imports or  export .

In this way, DASCOadvises your company  monitoring and intermediating the entire Radar Qualification process with the Federal Revenue Service.

modalities of  Radar Enablement

    Express Mode: for companies with operations below US$ 50 thousand  every 6 months on import. In this modality there will be no verification of operational capacity or financial capacity.

    Limited Mode (formerly Simplified Radar):  for companies that import up to US$ 150 thousand every 6 months. Companies that are able to operate in this modality must have an estimated financial capacity greater than US$  50 thousand and equal to or less than US$ 150 thousand.

    Unlimited Mode (formerly Ordinary Radar):  for companies that will import above the US$ limit  150 thousand, since the  financial capacity  of the company exceeds the value of US$ 150 thousand.

For export there are no limits.

Radar validity of any modality: 6 months. 

The term is renewed for each foreign trade operation carried out in the system.


Those who do not carry out operations within this period will have their records deactivated and must request a new license.

We also work:

    In the change of legal guardian with Siscomex

    Estimate Review for Unlimited Mode 


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