Paulo Guedes talks about the creation of the “single federal”

In a speech at the “March of Mayors, the minister addressed the union of taxes and the importance of pension reform

This Tuesday, the 9th, the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, spoke about the intention to create the Federal Single Tax in 2019, which will unite three to five taxes. The event in Brasília was attended by several mayors in the country's capital.

Guedes said that with the single tax, contributions and taxes will all be shared with states and municipalities. Returning to a subject of great discussion, the pension reform, he once again defended the privatization model and its importance for the country.

The minister estimates that the reform will be approved in the next three to five months, or even in the first half of the year. Paulo Guedes also spoke about sensitive points for mayors, such as the Continuous Cash Benefit (BPC) and the savings in financing and capitalization.

According to Guedes, the fund to be created with the capitalization will be guaranteed by the government and, if the worker does not get the minimum in the future, the government will make up the difference. Clarifying some doubts, he said again that receiving the benefit below the minimum at age 60 will be optional and the beneficiary will be able to wait until 65 to retire with the minimum wage.

“The privileged will also have to work until the age of 65, just like the poorest. The 22% rate is for those who earn more than the President of the Republic, no one can complain,” he said.

Sources: Estadão / Terra