We know that encouraging support for social projects is, above all, a way of  promote a better future for our country. When we are faced with situations very different from ours, we discover that the world is very different from what we imagine. We broaden our perception and understanding of it. We start to see reality with a different look, and, above all, to face the situation of the other with much more understanding, love and empathy.


Helping others brings well-being to both those who receive help and those who give it.

With companies, it's no different!  When a company adheres to a cause, it can use its networking to share its values in favor of what it believes in.

Most companies adhere to causes linked to the segment in which they operate, but our desire for support began with the passion of the governing body for animals.


DASCO  Foreign Trade Advisory is headed by director Denilson Verona, who has always respected and treated any race and species with great dignity. The desire to help animals, victims of abuse and abandonment, live in a better world, turned into volunteer work carried out by the company and employees together with the NGO Amigos São Francisco.


The NGO Amigos San Francisco  is located in Ibiúna, in a place that shelters more than 100 animals. The non-profit institution's mission is to encourage respect, help control the population, condemn any kind of abuse and mistreatment and seek partners to help keep animals in space until they are adopted.


If you share this passion, be an ANIMALS-FRIENDLY COMPANY together with Dasco and Amigos San Francisco.

Learn more at www.amigosdesaofrancisco.com.br


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