In the Brazilian market for over 15 years, DASCO has excellence in import and export customs clearance , as, in addition to operating throughout the national territory and in all market segments, it is also specialized in the most varied forms of nationalization, such as : customs warehouse, drawback, temporary admission, report, among others.




DASCO is specializedin the approval of vehicles and engines with DENATRAN to obtain the CAT - Certificate of Adequacy to Traffic Legislation. For vehicles manufactured, assembled or built, such as:



  Cargo or special trucks;

  Tractor truck;

  Crawler tractor;

    Other vehicles, national and imported, of an individual or legal entity.

It also works with IBAMA to:

  Air Pollution Control Program - PROCONVE

  License to Use Vehicle or Engine Configuration - LCVM

  Program for Control of Air Pollution by Motorcycles, Mopeds and Similar – PROMOT



DASCO's team of professionals is qualified to obtain an Import License and Special Certifications together with:

  ANVISA - National Health Surveillance Agency  

  INMETRO - National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology









The first step for a company to import or export is to link its CNPJ to the Federal Revenue, which is done through the Radar Qualification (Registration and Tracking Environment for Customs Intervenients). This record makes it possible for the Federal Revenue to control all products that enter and leave the country, as well as to avoid fraud by companies that carry out such operations.  Without this registration it is not possible to have access to the  Siscomex (Integrated Foreign Trade System) , a system that allows for the initiation of customs clearance for imports or  export .

In this way, DASCOadvises your company by monitoring and intermediating the entire Radar Qualification process with the Federal Revenue Service.

Radar Enablement Modalities

  • Limited modality up to USD 50,000.00: for companies with operations below USD 50 thousand every 6 months, on importation. In this modality there will be no verification of operational capacity or financial capacity.

  • Limited Mode up to USD 150,000.00:  for companies that import up to US$ 150 thousand every 6 months. Companies that are able to operate in this modality must have an estimated financial capacity greater than US$ 50 thousand and equal to or less than US$ 150 thousand.

  • Unlimited Mode:  for companies that will import above the limit of US$ 150 thousand, as long as the company's financial capacity exceeds the value of US$ 150 thousand.

For export there are no limits.

Radar validity of any modality:  12 months. 

The term is renewed for each foreign trade operation carried out in the system.


Those who do not carry out operations within this period will have their records deactivated and must request a new license.

We also work:

  • In the change of legal representative with Siscomex

  • Revision of estimate for Unlimited Mode 




In the area of international transport, we have a consolidated partnership, which offers a differentiated service, structured and always willing to offer convenience, ease and safety to customers, with competitive prices in the market .

We provide services at any stage of the customer's logistical process , covering air, sea and road transport from anywhere in the world, with no unknown or unnavigated place.

Currently, our partnership is represented all over the world , making it possible to operate on any route, always at the best available cost .  due to the high volume of movement that it maintains and offering various services with primacy in meeting agreed and stipulated deadlines , in order to guarantee credibility and reliability in the services provided.



DASCO_  offers, through consolidated partnerships, road transport to meet DTA (Customs Transit Declaration) cases, delivery of cargo removed from ports, airports and dry ports and delivered to the address indicated by the customer.


The company has experienced and dedicated professionals, thus being able to offer quality services and  agility with safety and optimized costs , always adapting to the needs of customers and with exclusive and personalized service.




We have a solid partnership, developed over a long time, with a company that is prepared to offer you efficient advice and professional advice in the business and legal areas, ensuring security and tranquility so that your business achieves its growth and expansion goals.

We provide offices with all the necessary communication infrastructure to carry out big business.



With a team specialized in Drawback , we have professionals who guide the client in this regime, clarifying doubts and advising on the planning of Drawback operations, a special customs that consists of the suspension or elimination of taxes levied on imported inputs for use in exported products.


This regime is granted to industrial or commercial companies, granting exemption or suspension from the Import Tax - II, from the IPI, from the ICMS , from the Additional Freight for Renewal of the Merchant Marine - AFRMM , in addition to waiving the payment of fees that do not correspond to the effective consideration of services, under the terms of the legislation in force.


Drawback is divided into three modalities: exemption, suspension and refund.


The first modality consists of the exemption from taxes levied on the importation of goods, in equivalent quantity and quality, intended for the replacement of another previously imported, with payment of taxes, and used in the industrialization of exported product.


The second, in the suspension of taxes levied on the importation of goods to be used in the industrialization of a product that must be exported.


The third deals with the refund of taxes paid on imports of imported inputs used in exported products.

The refund drawback is practically no longer used. The export incentive instrument under examination basically comprises the modalities of exemption and suspension.



The DASCO company  has a department specialized in Ex-Tariff processes, which carries out all the studies and procedures necessary to obtain a certificate of non-existence of a national product from the Ministry of Development, Industry and Commerce.

The Ex-Tarifário regime consists of the temporary reduction of the tax rate on imports of capital goods (BK), information technology and telecommunications (BIT), as spelled in the Mercosur Common External Tariff (TEC), when there is no domestic production. equivalent.

Pátio de contêineres


Trading companies are commercial companies that act as intermediaries between manufacturing companies and purchasing companies, in export or import operations. In addition to international transactions, they provide advisory services or distribution of imported products. The term Trading Company is also informally used for importing commercial companies, which provide advice on imports and companies that have tax benefits on imports.


DASCO currently has partnerships with the most renowned trading companies in the market , which offer excellent tax benefits to the main ports and airports in the Brazilian territory, especially the states of Espírito Santo and Santa Catarina.


The work of a trading company can be carried out in different ways, working with operations to order , where the involvement starts with placing the order, closing the exchange rate and contracting transport, warehouse and forwarding agent, or an import on account and order , where the trading is responsible for the nationalization of the merchandise in Brazil. In both modalities, trading brings several advantages, such as cost reduction, increase in contribution margin, logistical planning and more security.  

Therefore, DASCO  is able to serve its customers in every way, either through its own import or through a trading company, carrying out in advance all types of studies for your products, where we can be sure of the best option for your import , as well as, the development of the best operational logistics.


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